These are 3 racks using only native Ableton Live 8 effects, but they should still work in newer versions.


Bitmud Live Racks

Bitmud Slicer: The rack slicer cuts the incoming audio into 8 parts per bar and lets you decide on which eighth note which part is played. Just play around with it and you will soon get the idea.

Bitmud Stereoizer: The rack is for use on mono audio, e.g. old drumloops. It takes the incoming audio and adds filtered signals on the left and right side to the original. With the macros you can set the filter frequency, pan and volume of the added signals as well as the volume of the original.

BitMudder: This is a FSU rack. It uses different effects to make special effects. Just try and you will see what it's capable of. ;)


Download: Bitmud_Live8_Racks


Have fun!